What you wear greatly affects how you are perceived so clothing should support your image. Although there are no hard and fast rules there are a few things that rarely work well in photographs.

Avoid solid white. deep “V” necks, ( unless a more sexy image is desired) and sleeveless tops.

Avoid big prints, paisley, polka dots, checks and leave your Hawaiian shirt at home.

Generally, the idea is to not compete with your clothes for attention. Wardrobe should compliment your image.

The outfits you wear for your head shot session should be current and reflect the types of roles for which you will be cast. Paisley ties come and go in fashion, so stay away from anything that will date your head shot. If a guy wear a suit and has his tie on, it limits the roles he can submit that image to. On the other hand if he shoots in a shirt and loose tie, he can submit that shot for more roles.