Referral Special

Thanks to you, I have been extremely fortunate to survive in one of the most competitive markets in the world (Los Angeles!) as a photographer for the last 40 years.

I have never purchased an advertisement, an article, or paid any organization to give my business a good review.

It was because the word of mouth by my loyal clients that I am still here.

So, to show my gratitude,  I am starting “referral credit” program.   When you refer a friend, you and your friend will both get $25 credit for the next session.

How does it work?   When you refer a friend, make sure to tell your friend to let me know that YOU referred her/him to me.   I will send YOU a quick thank you and credit reminder by Email. If your email has changed, make sure your friend knows your current email address.

Then book your session with me whenever you are available.



The credit will be available the day after your friend’s photo session.  (Credit will expire one year after the photo session)

$25 is only applicable toward the session with Michael Helms only, not applicable toward hair and makeup or any of my assistants. So – Tommy – don’t call me asking for $100 for the 4 people you referred…it’s credit toward a session ONLY.

Yes, if you refer 20 people, you can get a free shoot ($25 x 20 = $500!)

Yes, Jim Beaver and NancyLee Myatt, you have TONS of credit!!!!